3 thoughts on “39

  1. Lola, just read your post on Art’s. he will probably respond before too long, but just this, as soon as the snow is gone start looking for the ‘tiger nuts’ you will most likely have growing on the farm (if it is not too high and dry. We also call it yellow nutsedge. Yes, it is a very pesky weed. Even pokes it pointy head through our plastic mulch. Have to pull it by hand from around the haskaps and other shrubs. Dig up some of those ‘nuts’ brush them off a bit and eat them just like that. You get the RS but also a load of SBO’s (soil born organisms).

      1. When the snow is gone 🙂 Know all about the snow in the Maritimes. Farmed for 9 years in PEI. Niece still lives in Truro. It is a little bit easier here in Ontario, although this winter is pretty rough. Your pictures brought back a lot of wonderful memories though. Our four kids spent most of their younger years on a farm like that

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